With the network of smart and clean energy systems becoming popular, the era of large-scale power plants is coming to an end, albeit slowly. Alongside the rollout of the smart technology paraphernalia and renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuel-based energy sources, new peer-to-peer platforms that include blockchain are finding their way into the power and utility sector. Developing blockchain applications for the energy sector can cut out the third-party intermediaries involved in handling the transactions, thereby connecting the energy producers directly with the consumers. In this climate, an energy infrastructure developer startup by the name of Alternative Resource Group (ARG) is making heads turn. “We are developing a blockchain energy management and transaction platform that is capable of establishing a decentralized power supply system,” says Michael Lumbley, COO, Alternative Resource Group. ARG has achieved the unique combination of technical and industry expertise to develop its solutions.

According to Mr. Lumbley, the inherent vulnerabilities and flaws of the
existing grid system stem from [Read More…]

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