With over  a decade of development experience, ARG uses the most advanced project development tools in selecting locations, choosing technologies and optimizing energy production. As projects evolve, we optimize our portfolio with projects that meet the demand of our clientele and the market. Over time this leads to refocusing from certain projects to others and allows us to bring to market projects at various stages of development.

Sonora, Mexico Solar Power Project

OFFERED AT $1,500,000
Alternative Resource Global (04)
  • The initial design for the solar is 50MWAC and the results of the capacity review shows 115MW without consideration of prior queue projects and 43MW-53MW with consideration of prior queue projects.

  • Initial capacity review of the adjacent transmission line performed to determine the connection capacity.

  • Property sits adjacent to an existing substation.

  • The location of the project has high irradiance and is relatively flat.

  • The total area of the land currently under contract is 533.75 acres.

  • The property will need to be purchased, as you cannot lease land for more than 10 years in Mexico.

  • This project is for sale, including the land, existing reviews, and corporation.

An indicative study of interconnection and other aspects of the project have not yet been conducted for the project. In addition, any permits, interconnection, and other authorizations have not been obtained. The review of the capacity referenced above for the adjacent transmission line and substation is an initial review. This page is being provided for information purposes only, and any buyer must conduct their own due diligence and analysis about the project.

With complete data rooms for each project, we can grant access for qualified buyers to review and assess the due diligence folders to see if they meet the needs of perspective buyers. Please let us know if you have interest in one of our listed projects and we will provide access for evaluation.