While attending the World Blockchain Forum in New York City, NY, we had the privilege of being interviewed at the Nasdaq Studios about our upcoming Security Token Offering (STO). We are proud to be a part of a burgeoning class of entrepreneurs that are applying the decentralized and democratic nature of cryptocurrency and blockchain to problems in industries and sectors not possible before. For our part, it is the problem of outdated or altogether missing energy infrastructure in emerging markets.

In the past, legacy financial institutions have refused or unnecessarily overpriced money for infrastructure projects in emerging markets like Latin America. This not only drives up the cost of power in these regions, but also forces developers to look for corners to cut and less expensive fuel sources like subsidized coal. This not only saddles these areas with outdated technology, since the equipment usually comes from retiring plants in places like the US, but it also brings the dirtiest sources of energy. This 1-2 punch of more expensive, less efficient projects has always been seen as “just the way it is”. However just because that is the way it has been done does not mean that it is the only way it can be done. By taking the ability to fund and build projects out of the hands of traditional financial institutions and giving it to the people that support these projects, as well as the people who need and will use the power, we see a path to allowing stakeholders, advocates and end users to own a piece of these legacy power projects.

The energy sector has evolved. Renewables, energy storage and natural gas can be strategically deployed, at better prices than traditional power and at the point of need so they don’t require extensive grids to deliver the power. Take the solution to the problem and save all the money in between. This brings 21st century power solutions to regions that need it using 21st century financial solutions. All for less than traditional resources, cleaner than traditional resources and to the profit of all those who choose to invest.

This is an exciting time and we are excited to be a part of the rising tide of innovators using new tools to solve old problems.