Alternative Resource Group provides innovative alternatives to energy infrastructure development including electricity generation, energy storage, micro-grids, self-sustained renewable generation, and incorporating blockchain and digital ledger technologies.

We specialize in full cycle development of energy infrastructure; from strategic siting, design, engineering, entitlements, to financing, construction, and ongoing operations & management. We develop a comprehensive plan for optimal energy generation, storage, and distribution. We are also beginning to develop the utilization of blockchain and digital ledger technologies to provide grid security, grid visibility, energy trading, and other applications in this space.

Our projects include renewable resources, battery storage and state of the art delivery systems, to deliver cost-effective power generation, ensuring predictable pricing and consistent supply when and where it’s needed. We do this with traditional milestones like long-term contracts traditional financing and funding through our AR3 Global.

An “Alternative Resource” is one that stands apart from the traditional. These resources are breaking the mold and changing the game of energy generation, accessibility and affordability. ARG is at the forefront of this changing landscape and are one of the first to bring you into the future of electricity.


Alternative Resource Group (ARG) is a team of energy infrastructure developers with over 60 years of combined experience in the energy sector. We intend to build the next generation of decentralized power plants utilizing renewable resources, large scale battery storage and smart grid technologies to provide stable, low cost renewable solutions anywhere in the world.

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